Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big Issues

I'm already sick of the Presidential Election campaign with seven months to go; not because my candidate was eliminated, but because nobody is addressing the big issues.

It astounds me that with all the press coverage the two major candidates for president have not had to take a stand on the big issues other than Iraq. What will each do to secure our borders and ports? Will they require inspection of all food and drugs imported into the US as other countries do?

Will they eliminate the loopholes that allow big business to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to major parties or political action committees?

Will they add a top level tax to remove the incentive for corporate executives to raid their own company's funds at the expense of workers and investors?

Will they finally stop giving billions in Federal subsidies to the two most profitable industries, big oil, and Agri-business?

Will they change securities laws and enforcement to make hedge funds disclose their major owners, report their activities, stop massive short selling and speculation plus regulate them like other major investment players?

Will they oppose a North American Union and reveal what interests are behind the secret planning that has been going on for years? Will our next President continue to participate in the G8 oligopoly of powers that answer to no representative body or government while making policy decisions for all nations?

Don't expect Obama or McCain to answer any of these big questions between now and the election or even afterward. The real power remains in the hands of the extremely wealthy who will remain in the shadows as we go through the motions of selecting between their approved candidates as if we were really in control of our own government.


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