Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forty Years and Still Against War

My medical condition is stabilizing and I'm even getting some basic medical care from the VA so I thought I'd diverge to an issue of more importance, more general value and appeal to others.

I've been around long enough that I'm seeing history repeat itself. This could only happen because people haven't learned a damn thing from history. Of all the things Americans haven't learned, history is one that has surely come back to bite us in the butt.

I remember 1968-70 (really) and how frustrated I was with Lydon Johnson's conduct of the Viet Nam War. His Defense Secretary, Melvin Laird was just as much a rich, ass-kissing, intellectual as Rumsfeld. He wouldn't stand up for what was right but later claims he knew he was wrong. I suppose Rummy is writing his memoirs now to try to vindicate his participation in yet another genocide of a Third World population that did NOTHING to the US. As Yogi says, it is De Javu all over again.

At the request of the French, we invaded and took out the legitimate leader we once supported (Ho Chi Min) and replaced him with a dictator in Viet Nam between 1965 and 1974. In Iraq, Cheney planned to install a crooked millionaire dictator (Shallaby) but he was exposed before we could stage a coup, so we held elections. Our policy decisions were equally absurd and devastating. Win Kow Ki was a brutal and crooked dictator so the CIA had him assasinated and replaced with Thieu who wasn't any better. In Iraq Bush's appointed administrator disbanded the Iraqi Army turning 200,000 armed soldiers into insurgents overnight. We let Billions in stolen oil fund the insurrection and the Shiite controlled govt. for years to the dismay of all the Arab neighbors. Military massacres and abuses of power were covered up or denied all the way to the Pentagon when exposed (Mi Lai to Abu Graib). It is both ironic and sickening that we haven't learned a damn thing from Viet Nam.

Iraki PM Malaki is playing both sides but knows eventually he needs Iran's support to survive after we leave. In both wars we were fighting mostly against the indiginous population who was prepared to fight for their homeland forever. We never learned anything from our Founding Fathers or the Minutemen who did the very same thing to eventually win control of America from the king of England after more than a decade of 'armed resistance' {terrorism}.

Stagflation was rampant in 1976-79 and guess what. We've got it again 30 years later caused both times by years of massive spending on an unpopular, unfunded, unnecessary war. The first time we spent $1 million a day in Viet Nam [to stop Communism] and we had to go off the Gold Standard when the next President took over (Nixon). This time we're spending $2 Billion a week in Iraq [to stop al Queda?].

This time the Arabs or Chinese holding hundreds of Billions of dollars could switch to Euros and turn us into a Third World nation with hyper inflation and a worthless currency overnight. Thirty years ago the Volker's Federal Reserve chose to raise interest rates to attract desperately needed foreign capital because we didn't yet have a global economy. Rates hit 18% and Carter's recession was longer and deeper as a result. This time the Fed lowered rates and let the dollar drop. So far Chuck Paulsen (Treasury) and Bernanke are getting away with it, but eventually rates will have to rise to attract that foreign capital we need because the Federal govt. can't stop overspending. If the Arabs keep trading oil in dollars, we'll see double-digit interest rates and inflation that taxes the poor and the rich alike. Let's hope China still wants to sell us $50 Billion in uninspected food, drugs, and manufactured goods every month. Europeans aren't buying nearly as much and they are fussy about standards.

Wake up America. We've already repeated history. It s time to finally get it and move on!

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