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Apparently, every Century, civilization faces a major new challenge. In the last Century it was the Nazi's who threatened to take control of the world. This time the threat is more subtle but the consequences are the same.

Most people don't have a clue what globalization even means let alone the irreversible impact it will have on our lives. It goes well beyond political ideology and national interests. It will affect us all more than any war. It is called 'Free Trade' but comes at a very high price to both developed and developing nations. Both suffer social upheaval so big business can profit.

Globalization is nothing less than multinational corporations and wealthy investors making big changes in government policies against the interests of average workers and families. Massive amounts of labor, money and natural resources are manipulated to improve profits, lower labor costs, and concentrate power in a small elite class of extremely wealthy individuals. Of course, governments are involved, but in many cases, the interests these governments serve are not those of their typical citizen.

Who are these people? It is difficult to say. But they do hold meetings where the fate of nations is decided. Some of those meetings periodically include govt. leaders who will implement these plans via a supra-governmental organization, answerable to no one. It is known at the G-8. Public protests have had no effect on this blatant exhibition of raw power.

Eight major nations already controlled by these globalization interests implement trade agreements and coordinate to superimpose a new order over nations without consent from any of the citizens involved. If you think I'm kidding, just read about the extensive ground work being done by the Bush Administration on a North American Union without any directive legislation or approval from our Congress. Massive new highways are being built to carry goods directly from Mexico bypassing all border inspection.

Haven't you ever wondered why, almost six years after 9/11, America has no control of it's ports or borders and fails to enforce immigration laws and quotas? Why the law requiring 876 miles of new border fence is ignored? This is not an oversight. It is a massive conspiracy that includes both major political parties, most of Congress, and of course, all recent presidents. No responsible govt. leader or citizen could ignore the overwhelming evidence.

With few exceptions, nations throughout history have had kings or tyrants and a small privileged class who controlled and exploited the masses of poor, helpless laborers. Remarkably little had changed in the past 5,000 years until America's growth and abundance, especially after WWII, built a large Middle Class of citizens who all prospered as our economy grew.

Some will argue this general prosperity was due to the organized labor movement and the rise of Socialism. Others will say it was because of the exploitation of backward nations or industrialization fed by the flow of cheap foreign labor. A few even cite the unprecedented access to public education in the 1950's. Perhaps there is some truth to these claims. Whatever the reasons, things are about to change back to the norm after barely sixty years of extensive wealth sharing with average consumers. Just like deficit spending, for awhile, the entire pie got larger and everyone got more of it. The wealthy never really got poorer and they likely never will. Roosevelt's New Deal that tried to level the playing field just a bit between generations and with progressive taxes has been almost completely undone except for that nagging, unfunded (spent), Social Security entitlement.

The scariest part of this entire story is that we are now so far along in the globalization process that the media must be controlled to prevent the public from learning the truth and stopping it. Like everything else, news and information is big business, controlled by a few wealthy owners. All major news outlets now serve their particular liberal or conservative special interest groups. Ask Dan Rather, who remembers when it was otherwise.

More importantly, it is no longer necessary to prevent the facts from coming out. Even the Chinese are beginning to learn this can't be done. One must only 'spin' the story enough to confuse, obfuscate, or massage the facts to insure no significant conclusions or public response. The Internet helps, but won't change anything. The facts are clear on Bush's invasion of Iraq supposedly to find WMD's that he likely knew never existed. But that news was slow and muddled enough to prevent widespread public outrage.

Propaganda really works and can overcome any facts, even America's blockade of Japan that forced the inevitable war which had been brewing for years. That their official war declaration was translated hours late is an unfortunate blunder. It gave America the moral high ground, allowed the US to cover up our grossly incompetent military preparedness, and finally gave Roosevelt a valid reason for us to enter the war in Europe. History may eventually decipher the real story behind WWII and hopefully point out how it could have been prevented. Until then, Hitler will bear full responsibility. He makes such a great villain and he actually became even crazier with power than Nixon. History is still written by the victors.

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