Saturday, May 13, 2006

Homeland InSecurity

By now you’ve heard all the arguments over Border Security. Whatever your position you must agree that a nation unable to control its borders these days, for whatever reason, is in for serious trouble. Even if Iranian or Al Qaeda terrorists don’t use this weakness to sneak in weapons of mass destruction, the uncontrolled flood of the least capable from Mexico and Central America will depress wages, overwhelm government services, and generally further lower our already falling standard of living and education level. These people can’t succeed at home, some can’t survive where they are so in desperation they head for the USA. In their place, we would do exactly the same. Don’t blame them.

Combined with six years of government led outsourcing and exporting of most manufacturing and tech services there has been a massive shift of tax burden from the wealthy to the Middle Class. Add elimination of retirement security, no estate taxes on the transfer of massive wealth, loss of employer assisted health insurance, falling wages and rising prices (for everything but especially home prices), no more job security or overtime pay to name a few and it is easy to see that the American Dream is becoming just that…a dream.

Just this week (5/12) Congress extended tax breaks for the rich in spite of our unfunded War on Terror. Those earning under $75,000 will save between $9 and $30. Millionaires will pay $49,000 less tax which is that much more borrowed from overseas investors (China, OPEC, Nigeria, Venezuela, and others) and must be paid back by our grand-children. These potential enemies already hold $3 Trillion in US debt and some are considering exchanging our dollars for Euros or other currency with stronger prospects. This could make our currency worthless.

Not since the Great Depression of the 1930’s have we seen such an accumulation of wealth in the hands of so few. Over 60% of America’s wealth belongs to fewer than 2% of us. Our slow recovery came only when government gave us a “New Deal”, implementing Progressive taxation (not flat or Value Added taxes that benefit the rich) and the redistribution of wealth between generations (through Estate Taxes) to give everyone a fair chance to succeed and make everyone earn some of their success. Since 1986 our Congress has been systematically eliminating the New Deal and replacing it with a Bad Deal for the vast majority of Americans.

Only Social Security remains but the new Prescription Drug law is specifically designed to bankrupt Social Security by paying Billions more to the drug companies than any other government pays for the very same drugs. Before this law was passed Bush tried and failed to get us to undermine or eliminate Social Security which would have lasted until 2040 or later. In a few years it will become obvious that we cannot continue this outrageous drain on the “paper” trust fund whose $Trillions in contributions were spent by Congress long ago.

Special interest lobbying on a massive scale now controls everything Congress does. It takes Millions to get elected to Congress and that money comes almost entirely from the wealthiest two percent among us or the Corporations they control. Is it any wonder our Reps sell us out at every chance? They pass useless legislation to make it look like they are doing something when in fact they are paid to do just the opposite. Yet we re-elect these same crooks 98% of the time. That’s the power of Advertising and the government “pork barrel”, spreading Federal funding around based on the influence of incumbents.

The solution to Border Security is a lot harder than building a wall, punishing employers who hire illegals, or even deploying some troops. It is the same as the solution to most of the problems average Americans face today. We need a New Deal from our own government that has been working against us.

I'm astonished Bush still has 31% approval ratings, Cheney 18% and Congress 26%. A lot of people still don't get it. We are under seige from within as well as from outside our borders.


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